Cli-fi, the poetry we need to save ourselves?

I was reading papers by economists today, in a symposium issue of a journal about international climate negotiations. I have mentioned these papers here before. Since I am an economist, I have no difficulty following these papers, but they are far from eloquent for the average person. The average person is the one who needs to push her government to act to limit climate change, though. The average person is the one to cut his energy consumption, despite feeling the pinch. Do we need a Homer to write an Odyssey for our trek through a perilous future of climate instability with its concomitant famine, pestilence, and war?

My inbox then received an email from Matter, a magazine / collection of essays on Medium, that speaks directly to this need I perceived. It contained links to several essays that point to the recent emergence of Cli-Fi, Climate Fiction, that could be the Homeric effort our times need. It may not be sufficient, but I am glad it has developed.

Among these essays, I enjoyed most the call to action by the indomitable Margaret Atwood (whose MaddAddam trilogy is sitting in our den, 1/3 read by yours truly — I really need to get better at finishing what I start reading!). I also enjoyed an essay by Dan Bloom on Cli-Fi and one by Ed Finn. If you are on Medium, you can follow Matter at the link I gave above, repeated here, and you can also follow the tag Cli Fi. If you are not on Medium, you are missing out on some good writing; why not join? It costs no money.

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