Sunset rumination

Sunset. I have taken many photos of the sunset from the guest room window, and, lately, from the bathroom window. Reading dystopian novels, as I have been doing lately, albeit slowly, might be connected to my sunset obsession by an over-eager psychoanalyst. I share Nabokov’s opinion about such analysts however. So I will keep shooting the sunset as art. I will only think of it as presaging the coming ecological disaster and the twilight of civilization when I am in a really dark mood. During the day, I will do what I can to convince people, using my knowledge, talents, and position, to do their bit to avoid the disaster. During the night, I may post more rambling paragraphs like this one.

And now, please excuse me as I return to Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer, a book lent to me by my friend Troy, which somehow has captured me more than I expected before I started it.

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