Hello World!

This site is an attempt to bring some of my different posts in different social media and blogs that I want to preserve in one place, and to present new material on economics, photography, and whatever else interests me.

Who am I? The signatures of the posts here say I am “cogiddo”. This is an amusing (to me, at least) bit of wordplay I invented years ago, inserting my initials “dd” into the “cogito” of the famous Descartes saying cogito ergo sum. The name you would know me by in real life, however, is Dimitrios Diamantaras. More information on the About page.

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Sunset over the Seine

I recently visited Paris, France, and a few places nearby. I will post here a few of my better photos from that trip. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen a few on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus, but I will seek to also post some here that I have not posted elsewhere.

I start in this post with a photo of the sunset from a Champagne cruise on the Seine, made on June 30. Notable in this shot: Notre Dame, and some serious shade thrown by the clouds.