Hello World!

This site is an attempt to bring some of my different posts in different social media and blogs that I want to preserve in one place, and to present new material on economics, photography, and whatever else interests me.

Who am I? The signatures of the posts here say I am “cogiddo”. This is an amusing (to me, at least) bit of wordplay I invented years ago, inserting my initials “dd” into the “cogito” of the famous Descartes saying cogito ergo sum. The name you would know me by in real life, however, is Dimitrios Diamantaras. More information on the About page.

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To finish tonight’s spate of photo posts, here is one from our walk yesterday. This, and the other three I just published, were all made on an iPhone 11 XR and edited in Snapseed.

Indoor tulips

I’ve been neglecting this blog badly. The least I can do is post a few of the photos I’ve made lately in an attempt to stay somewhat artistically creative in the pandemic. Here are some tulips in our dining room, from April 30th.

Staying cheerful with flower photos

Our county is in lockdown since Thursday. Since Friday, even the nearby Morris Arboretum and Longwood Gardens have been closed to the public. But the sun is out and the flowers in our yard look good. I made some photos of them, and will share them here to brighten your day, gentle reader.