Playing with a new camera

I will be traveling to Paris in the summer. Of course, I want to bring along a good camera. My Canon 70D DSLR is a really good camera and one I have learned to use fairly well in the two and a half years I have owned it. It has one problem, however: as with all DSLRs, it is a bit on the heavy side. At the end of a very heavy (but also rewarding) semester, with the prospect of walking around Paris for hours on end making photos, I treated myself to a well-reviewed mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X-T2. The camera arrived yesterday evening and today I found a short break from the drizzle that’s been going on for most of the day to walk around in our yard making some test photos with the Fujifilm. For now, all I am doing is letting the camera operate on its automatic settings for everything. Here is a sample photo, in the JPG version produced in the camera (I also record a RAW file when shooting, and I can see a substantial difference between the two, with the JPG version generally brighter and with less saturated colors; I do find the JPG version of the test photos I have made so far well-done).


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