Economic inequality, MLK, and Sam Bowles

I just came across this post from 2014 by Francois Badenhorst via a post by Evonomics. (I linked the original.) It is a quick profile of Sam Bowles, a well-known scholar preoccupied with the question of inequality. Just like Amartya K. Sen, I recommend Badenhorst’s post because it gives a succinct introduction to the work that Bowles has been doing.

A personal high point is where Bowles talks about his being one of the very first “mathematizers” of economics in the US. I agree completely with him that using rigorous mathematical techniques in economics promotes inttellectual honesty and productivity, provided it does not lead us to ask progressively narrower questions. Both Bowles and Sen are exemplars of asking deep, important questions about inequality and cooperation in economics, using deep mathematics to reach surprising answers.

I post this specifically today because Bowles mentions to Badenhorst an interaction with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Read the post at the first link above to learn all about it!

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