A good Q&A on climate change

The New York Times has a concise question and answer article on climate change, as the Paris conference on the climate crisis is about to begin. I recommend that everyone reads it and does something to press their government to work towards a good global agreement on mitigating the unfolding train wreck of the Earth’s environment. What homo sapiens needs right now is to show some communal sapience and find policies that will work effectively to prevent the threat to the very survival of humans that human-caused climate change threatens us all with.

Economists have said many times that steps such as establishing a price for carbon and a way to quantify the value of natural capital available to humans are our best hopes for mitigating the disaster. Even as the conference in Paris is unlikely to agree on such terms, I sincerely hope to see at least some pledges for cutting emissions coming from the worst offenders, such as the U.S., China, India, and a few other countries.

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