Playing with Aurora HDR Pro instead of doing my work

How do you feel about a list of my latest experiments with Aurora? (Originally I made it into a slidewshow, but it was a bit slow, so I changed it to a simple presentation of the photos. This also lets me add captions.)

View from the Music Pier 2015-07-10 11.33.12_HDR
Ocean City, NJ, beach from the Music Pier.
Ocean City Bay clouds Landscape Realistic and Denoise 2015-06-28 20.19.06_HDR
Clouds over the bay in Ocean City, NJ.
OC Bay clouds 2 2015-06-28 20.29.44_HDR
More clouds over the bay in Ocean City, NJ.
Bali Sunrise 2015-06-02 Landscape Balanced and some denoise and bringing shadows and midtones down a little IMG_4339_HDR
Sunrise in Bali, Indonesia.
Pink clouds Landscape 2014-09-07 19.32.35_HDR
Wild pink clouds over the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ.
Sunset on Lake Ontario from Niagara on the Lake Landscape Realistic with Denoise 2014-06-14 20.42.29_HDR
Sunset over Lake Ontario, captured from Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Reservoir lake at Peace Valley Park 2015-07-25 15.48.13_HDR
Afternoon clouds over Lake Galena in Peace Park near Doylestown, PA.

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