Nicholas Stern asks “why are we waiting?”

This is the title of Professor Stern’s recently published book. Following up on my previous post from today, I just got this book and Hirofumi Uzawa’s Economic Theory and Global Warming. So I am happily ensconced reading up on this topic, which I consider the most important topic for anyone, especially any economist, to learn about and contribute what s/he can to saving the future of humanity from catastrophe. Don’t just read the recently ubiquitous dystopias out there. Read also the suggestions of the people who have thought long and hard about how to navigate to eutopias instead. (No, it’s not a typo: eutopia is quite the opposite of dystopia in Greek, and different from utopia, as eutopia is attainable.)

Meanwhile, if you want a shorter presentation of Stern’s points in Why Are We Waiting? there is a way: you can watch the recent lecture Stern gave at LSE, and/or read the slides used in that lecture.

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