How to revise research papers after receiving harsh reviews

I just learned of Daniel Lemire’s blog from a post by Noam Nisan on Google+. The following post from Lemire’s blog is so good I had to fight the temptation to quote its entirety here. I heartily recommend it, and the whole blog, to you, gentle reader. Do not waste time; go visit it now.

How to revise research papers after receiving harsh reviews:

Whether you submit your work scientific journal or just post it on a blog, you can expect to receive harsh criticism from time to time. Sometimes you are facing arrogant or ignorant readers. Other times, your work is genuinely flawed. My own work is frequently flawed, as you know if you read this blog.

Over time, I have learned that even if the reviewer is wrong, spending time to careful respond can be tremendously useful. If you are 100% correct, then you get to build up your confidence and can later answer similar criticism hastily. Very often, however, you did not do everything perfectly. Maybe your arguments and data are correct, but you might have presented them better.

There are specific strategies to deal with harsh reviews:

(Snipped. Excellent practical advice is here, but I really think you should go read the original post!)

(Via Daniel Lemire’s blog)

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