Long absence

I am very bad at maintaining this blog. On checking, this last weekday of my spring break for 2019, I see that the last post I made was in December 2018!

Fear not. I am back. It’s just that my work has kept me busy for a good reason. As I am getting older, I find that my interactions with undergraduate students are more and more rewarding, especially when these students are part of the elite, self-selected group of those who choose to follow the rigorous Mathematical Economics major. At the same time, my excitement for a book project I have going on has been growing, and the time I have had to make and edit photos have declined.

I am back to stay, though. And to compensate for the absence of my photos from this blog lately, here is one of my latest from a visit to the Morris Arboretum.

Morris Arboretum, 2019-02-03
Morris Arboretum, 2019-02-03

Sunset over the Seine

I recently visited Paris, France, and a few places nearby. I will post here a few of my better photos from that trip. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen a few on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus, but I will seek to also post some here that I have not posted elsewhere.

I start in this post with a photo of the sunset from a Champagne cruise on the Seine, made on June 30. Notable in this shot: Notre Dame, and some serious shade thrown by the clouds.